Enviroment Canada

Plastic bags are a heavily consumed product of the non-renewable resource petroleum, when they break down they pollute the sea, the earth, the crops and the animals. Animals can think they are food and choke and die, or have them trapped in their digestive system. It is far from a painless death.

Plastic bags take many years to biodegrade, they are a danger to the health of humans and animals alike. Sign to keep the Canadian environment pristine, beautiful and safe for all life.

We need to get rid of these harmful plastic bags that fill up our precious landscape with landfills. It would make a very significant, positive difference to make biodegradable plastic bags mandatory.

Tell Environment Canada that plastic bag consumption in Canada is causing permanent damage on the health of our nation and there needs to be a healthier alternative for the future of our children and our people.

We can not count on companies to fix this, they need to be regulated.

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