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"A Bug's Life" has been a popular Disney/Pixar movie since all the other Pixar films. As a matter of fact, I have been dying for a sequel for "A Bug's Life" to be made. It's high-time Pixar made "A Bug's Life 2!"

A Bug's Life has loads of potential like Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. We are hoping to see Flik and Queen Atta get married and all new kinds of adventures! I have made my own BlogSpot called "A Bug's Life 2 Possibililities." But haven't got that many votes and comments since I made it. For the original voices and replacement voices, there should be Dave Foley, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Hayley Noelle, David Hyde Pierce, Jerome Ranft, Denis Leary, Jim Cummings, Jennifer Aniston, Michael McShane, Bonnie Hunt, Brad Garrett, John Ratzenberger, Richard Kind, Ed Asner, Edie McClurg, Lewis Black, and David Osman. Plus there should be new characters in the sequel as well.

The movie should also be about Ant Island getting destroyed by humans building a new road and Atta and Gypsy getting captured by a scientist who is making plans for an insect exhibit. Flik, the colony, and the circus bugs have two missions to accomplish. A mission to save Atta and Gypsy and to find a new home for the ant colony.

All of us fans of A Bug's Life call the companies of Disney and Pixar to make the sequel "A Bug's Life 2" as soon as possible.

A Bug's Life has been forgotten for almost 19 years now and "A Bug's Life" has a lot of potential for "A Bug's Life 2!"

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