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"A Bug's Life" has been a popular Disney/Pixar movie since all the other Pixar films. As a matter of fact, I have been dying for a sequel for "A Bug's Life" to be made. It's high-time Pixar made "A Bug's Life 2!"

A Bug's Life has loads of potential like Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. We are hoping to see Flik and Queen Atta get married and all new kinds of adventures! For the original voices and replacement voices, there should be Dave Foley, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Hayley Noelle, David Hyde Pierce, Jerome Ranft, Denis Leary, Jim Cummings, Jennifer Aniston, Michael McShane, Bonnie Hunt, Brad Garrett, John Ratzenberger, Richard Kind, Ed Asner, Edie McClurg, Lewis Black, and David Osman. Plus there should be new characters in the sequel as well.

The movie plot should begin right after Hopper's death from the bird. Flik is known as the colony's official inventor on Ant Island while Atta takes over as Queen of Ant Island after her mother had passed away. The ants plan to have a harvest festival celebration, hoping that no grasshoppers will come to destroy it. But the colony is suddenly threatened by the grasshoppers' new leader Hopper Jr. (the son of Hopper who should be voiced by Phil Davis), who is planning to get revenge on the ants for killing his father Hopper! Hopper Jr. also plans to marry Queen Atta and become King of Ant Island. But no worries! Flik reassures the colony that he will protect the whole entire colony from Hopper Jr. no matter what! We will also discover Francis when he meets a female ladybug named Scarlet who becomes his girlfriend and the solution to his problem for being mistaken for a female. And Scarlet should be voiced by Cameron Diaz.

All of us fans of A Bug's Life call the companies of Disney and Pixar to make the sequel "A Bug's Life 2" as soon as possible.

Credits for "A Bug's Life 2" should be something like this...

Directed by Mark Andrews.
Produced by Graham Walters.
Executive Producer - Andrew Stanton.
Associate Producer - Mary Alice Drumm.
Story by Andrew Stanton, Mark Andrews, Bob Peterson, and Pete Docter.
Screenplay by Jim Capobianco.
Music by Randy Newman.
Story Supervisor - Oren Jacob.
Film Editor - David Ian Salter.
Production Designer - Harley Jessup.
Supervising Technical Director - Sanjay Bakshi.
Production Manager - Lindsey Collins.
Supervising Animators - Scott Clark and Michael Venturini.
Director of Photography (Camera) - Jeremy Lasky.
Director of Photography (Lighting) - Sharon Calahan.
Character Supervisors - Thomas Jordan and Bill Sheffler.
Sets Supervisor - John Halstead.
Simulation & Effects Supervisor - Ralph Eggleston.
Global Tech Supervisor - Paul Mendoza.
Art Direction - Gary Bruins and Albert Lozano.
Character Art Direction - Jason Deamer.
Sets Art Direction - Colin Hayes Thompson.
Shading Art Direction - David MacCarthy and Christine Waggoner.
Sound Designer - Tom Myers.
Casting by Kevin Reher, C.S.A and Natalie Lyon, C.S.A

Flik: Dave Foley
Hopper Junior: Phil Davis
Atta: Julia Louis-Dreyfuss
Dot: Hayley Noelle
Slim: David Hyde Pierce
Heimlich: Jerome Ranft
Francis: Denis Leary
Scarlet: Cameron Diaz
Molt: Richard Kind
Manny: Jim Cummings
Gypsy: Jennifer Aniston
Rosie: Bonnie Hunt
Tuck & Roll: Michael McShane
P.T. Flea: John Ratzenberger
Dim: Brad Garrett
Mr. Soil: Rowan Atkinson
Dr. Flora: Edie McClurg
Thorny: Lewis Black
Cornelius: David Ossman

A Bug's Life has been underrated and forgotten like for years now and "A Bug's Life" has a lot of potential for "A Bug's Life 2!" Be sure to check out our YouTube Playlist for "A Bug's Life 2" at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtGMTP8kkEI&list=PLKJ6V6RISfRhLn2GAeY9npqlDt4O8FKMq

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