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The British Londoners Business Community is an organising body consisting of experienced teachers and professionals who are keen to break the cycle of failing schools and high levels of school exclusion. We currently have volunteered our time and skills to collectively develop our proposal for a community school of excellence.

We are based in the Brent area of North West London, which is where we propose to launch this school.

Aim of School:
To develop culturally, spiritually, morally, aspirational adults whose vision will be to impact the global community through achievement and strong leadership.

To ensure the existence and promotion of an ethos which delivers social justice through mutual respect and tolerance of, and for each other, leading to self enrichment gained from understanding differences embraced within our community.

To find out more about us or if you would like to get involved, please visit our website http://www.maatse.co.uk

I am a parent/carer/community member, who very much supports the setting up of a Community School of Excellence. I intend to send my child/children there as well as recommending other parents to this school.

The organisers have a wide range of extensive experience working within education and business, and are committed in creating an educational establishment that delivers a high standard of education which holistically supports the educational and developmental needs of our children.

I the undersigned, believe without a doubt that there is need for such a school, and that the formation of the Ma'at School of Excellence will be an essential and valuable educational resource providing parents with real choice in the education their children which is needed in the community.

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