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I am resident in Luxembourg and I live in a coproperty. Unfortunately I've had to dispute my right to information with my coproperty because I wanted to install a satellite dish. The coproperty, represented by the administrator building, has imposed me an satellite dish place that would constrain a lot of expenses and an uncorfortable living in my apartement.

In Luxembourg there are theoretical laws (27 July 1991 art. 24) that speaks about the absolute right to receive and distribute tv channels .... In practice the main law on going regulating the coproperty rules is the 028-23 may 1975. This law do not speak at of the right to information.

The coproperty rules (most of them) recall merely the national law 028-23 may 1975 so that everyone that wants to install a satellite dish can be in the situation of being completely banned, constrained to big expenses or being under big technical difficulties.

Luxembourg doesn't have any practical application of the satellite dish right as stated by european laws (art. 10 human right) or treaty (art 49 of the treaty for free exchange of goods). The actual situation is practically (not theoretically) violating the right to information and displace the access to information on costly means with annual fees. P&T TV Luxembourg, Eltrona, Coditel ... are all services that distributes less TV channels and are much more expensive than a simple satellite dish. Further they can already use preinstalled cables in the buildings.

In order to protect the right to information Luxembourg must regulate this right within co-owners by releasing a national law detailing in which way this right must be obtained stopping any abuse from building administrators or coproperty rules. More information can be obtained connecting to www.genco.org.

A lot of people in Luxembourg suffer the lack of practical legislation on the right to install satellite dish. We request to Luxembourg Government to regulate this right with a law that clearly follows the European Union treaties and laws.

The new legislation must be clear and detailed especially for the case of people living in a coproperty.

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