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Species = Happabore
Character Name = Hoggsquattle

In the mouth watering lead-up to the next chapter in the Star Wars saga, 'The Force Awakens', we were teased with numerous images of sets, creatures and characters from the highly anticipated upcoming movie. BB-8 aside, nothing captured the hearts of the fans more than Hoggsquattle! Who? His species is now known officially as 'Happabore', but long before this was canon, we the fans, affectionately referred to this lovable, porcine-like creature as 'Hoggsquattle'.

The moniker was first uttered by talented director, and Star Wars fanboy extraordinaire, Kyle Newman, whilst dissecting the images with fellow superfans, and hosts of Rebel Force Radio, the number 1 Star Wars fan podcast, Jason Swank and Jimmy Mac, and the name immediately stuck. Even now, one year on from our introduction to him, us fans refer to to the gentle giant as Hoggsquattle. It just feels right.

This petition is to request that Pablo Hidalgo, Leland Chee, Rayne Roberts, Carrie Beck, Diana Williams and the rest of the Lucasfilm Star Wars Story Group recognize the character for his contribution to the Star Wars saga and grant this fan favorite and endearingly docile character a canonized name befitting of the thirsty beast - Hoggsquattle!

All it would take is a single tweet from a member of the group (Pablo?), and it wouldn't detract anything from the saga as a whole, but just make us fans love the character even more.

So if you adore Hoggsquattle, love Star Wars, and would like to help contribute, along with Kyle and the guys at Rebel Force Radio, to getting something so insignificant, yet meaningful added to Star Wars lore, then sign this petition and kindly request that the Story Group at least consider this request.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Kyle Newman, or the great ambassadors of fandom over at Rebel Force Radio. I'm just a fan like yourselves and would love to see something that they have championed become canon.

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