#Arts & Entertainment
The Pittsburgh- based owners of the Keppel Building
United States of America

Recently, Loryn Spangler-Jones was asked to remove her art from the lobby of the Keppel Building after months of successfully displaying it in the public space. We believe that human expression and the beautiful art that this amazing woman creates is celebratory of the female spirit and in no way offensive to the public. We call all Lancastarians to raise their voice and support our local artists! Keep Loryn's art in the Keppel!

Lancaster City prides herself as being a hub for creativity and artistic expression. There is no reason that art which has been on display for several months should be taken down, when absolutely no complaint has been made. The Pittsburgh-based owners of the Keppel Building have ordered this art to be taken down and we join together to demand they reconsider this poor decision.

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