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Drinking at 18 is the only thing that, as an adult, you cannot do until you are 21.

As you may or may not know, one of the only reasons the legal drinking age is 21 is because in 1992, the government said they'd cut highway funding by 10% if they didn't raise it to 21.

Well, there's many different ways to get the 10% if it was lowered back to 18, which would add many benefits.

This petition is for my four-step plan to lower the drinking age back to 18, while still providing money to make up for the 10% highway tax that would be taken away.

1.Add a drink tax. Every drink, add a small fee, like a dollar extra. That one dollar multiplied by everyone in Ohio who drinks would alone make up a lot of the 10%, if not all of it.

2.Since kids do it illegally anyways, the government would just be getting more money for it, especially if you add my first step.

3.If the government took away the 10% from Ohio, then that would be 10% more money for the government to do whatever they need money for.

4.If the government and other people are still worried about young people drinking and driving, then keep those the same. It's already made that if your under 21, that you have a lower blood-alcohol limit to be arrested as "legally intoxicated", so if you keep that, it'll add some restrictions, so people won't go crazy, but still allow people to drink.

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