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This petition is to lower the age cervical screening for cancer is offered. I'm 24 years old and my cancer was found through my 1st smear test... which I was invited to 6 months early! The current guidelines in England mean that women are only screened from the ages of 25 to 64 meaning thousands of women like myself under the age of 25 are at risk. Cervical cancer is a PREVENTABLE cancer. Cells have to go through 3 separate stages of 'abnormal' before they become cancerous, meaning there is more than enough time to recognise and treat these cells before they become a real problem.
The current guidelines in Wales and Scotland are that women can be screened from the age of 20- so why aren't they the same in England? It is a NATIONAL health service, not a regional one. It really is discrimination against those who have not reached a certain age.
I began with symptoms 3 years ago, but my GP would not arrange a smear as I was "too young" for cervical cancer. If I had access to the same screening as other areas, it could have been treated before it got to the cancer stage. So if you could please all sign my petition I would be so grateful, even if you think it doesn't affect you; do it for your daughter, sister, girlfriend and friends. Do it for every young woman who is at risk as many times there are NO symptoms.
Surely it is much more cost effective to screen women for cervical cancer and prevent it than to treat it. Not only that, but age is a protected characteristic, therefore all people should have the same access to services across the country, not just in certain areas.

We, the undersigned call upon the Department of Health to lower the cervical screening age in England from 25 to 20.

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