Government of Gujarat

The level of Noise pollution in Ahmedabad, Gujarat is beyond all permissible limits set by the Government of India.

This is creating adverse issue on the health of the citizens and hence affecting the overall society.

We, the undersigned, would like to bring the problem regarding the excessive Noise in the city of Ahmedabad to your attention and request your urgent action to rectify the same as it affects the health of the public at large.

We, the citizens would like to register our STRONG protest against the ever increasing levels of Noise that effect our health and hence our overall productivity and sleep patterns. As per the data published in Newspaper and as per the survey that we got done at various locations in the city the decibel level is a lot higher than the permissible limits and hence the chances of adverse effect on the Health of Citizens is very high.

We, would also like to volunteer our support in the event the Government or its department need our help in reducing the Noise levels in the City.

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