#Residential Disputes
Sutter Creek HOA
United States of America

March 28, 2006

We the people of Sutter Creek HOA sign this petition in support to lower our monthly association Dues.

Petition Community Association (CA) is a generic term used to describe residential developments in which each owner is bound to a real estate organization by a set of governing documents that require adherence to a set of rules and the payment of assessments.

The money collected in assessments is used for the operation of the Association. Membership is automatic when a unit is purchased. CAs are not voluntary organizations.

By signing this petetion: I aggree that I am either a Home Owner in the Sutter Creek Community located at 3319 Sutters Fort Street North Las Vegas, Nevada 89032. And or I pay Home Owners Association Dues.

This Petition is a reflection of the People that pay Dues to Sutter Creek HOA. We the people believe that the fees of $70.00 per month are excessive and petition that they be lowered to accomodate such a small community.

We the people respectfuly submit our signatures as we agree that the HOA Dues are excessive and we Petition against them in request that the fees are lowered.

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