Wokingham Borough Council
United Kingdom

Wokingham Borough Council has plans to change the school catchement area in Lower Earley so that children in the current Holt/Forest catchment area will no longer have access to those schools.

The new catchment area for Maiden Erlegh is too large to accommodate all children in the catchment area.

We therefore urge people to support us in retaining Holt/Forest catchment for our children, alongside the new proposed designated areas.

We the undersigned note the plans of Wokingham Borough Council to change the catchment area of Lower Earley which will exclude us from our current catchment schools of Holt and Forest. This is the preference for many parents living in this area and the new Maiden Erlegh catchment area will not accommodate all children in catchment.

We do not agree and request that Wokingham review this decision and we become part of the new Maiden Erlegh catchment whilst retaining Holt/Forest catchment.

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