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44,000+ in the UK develop are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, 1,000 die each month. The UK's Institute of Cancer and Cancer Research has found that black women in the UK are likely to develop breast cancer two decades earlier than white women.

Published in the British Journal of Cancer researchers found that survival rates are poorer among black women even with smaller tumours. They also found that the tumours in younger black women were likely to be more aggressive.

The Respect 4 Life Cancer Awareness campaign is aimed to raise the awareness of Breast Cancer in the African Caribbean community.

Recent studies have shown that black women are more likely to develop a more aggressive and deadly breast cancer tumour at an earlier age than their white counterparts. Early Detection and Diagnosis are vital to improve a woman's chance of survival.

We the undersigned petition the UK Government and Health authorities to lower the breast screening age to 40 years of age to meet the needs of the African Caribbean community.

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