Canada's government officials

I am appalled that the government of Canada continues to allow (and even promote) the killing of hundreds of thousands of harp seal pups and tens of thousands of grey seal pups each year.

This senseless killing is barbaric, and the 2011 quota is outrageous. The images that I have seen sicken me.

What's more, the seal 'hunt' is putting the species in jeopardy.

Climate change is making the sea ice that seal pups need unreliable. The Precautionary Approach to wildlife management requires that you end the massacres now.

Seal-watching tours could bring in millions of dollars to the Canadian economy, but I will not visit Canada as long as the seal killing continues. I would also like you to know that I am participating in the boycott of Canadian seafood.

I urge you to stop the slaughter of seals and instead begin to protect seals and the ocean ecosystems of which they are an important part.

Let's save beautiful seals.

Let's sign and please share.

We can definitely help save the earth in ways not ever imagined!

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