To see longer sentences, and proper justice being served

Do you think it's fair that an old man who sexually, physically and mentally abuses children can get half the sentence given that a younger offender would get? Recently, a 74yr old man was sentenced to 9yrs where he would have got 16-20yrs had he been younger.

Age doesn't stop these offenders from acting out their disgusting and evil behaviour, so why should they be treated like they are special? The judge who sentenced his man, even thanked him for pleading guilty and said he deserves credit for doing so.

It took a year for him to plead guilty, putting the child victims through hell. Tougher sentencing, tagged on release but after a minimum term applying to all with no reductions.

We, the undersigned request that sentence terms for sex offenders and killers be given a maximum sentence that will apply to both old and younger offenders. This sentence should be lengthy with no possible parole.

Time the justice system realised the damage especially to children that these offenders cause, and listen to them! Cutting sentences in half just because they are old is wrong.

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