#Roads & Transport
Shoreline City Council
United States of America

In 2015, as I was riding down 185th street in Shoreline Washington, my longboard struck uneven sidewalk resulting in my first longboard related hospital trip. I ended up with 4 scars on my hips and knees and a sprained hand.

After that accident I heard more stories about longboarders who came to a sudden stop due to uneven ground. I also became aware of the other dangers around riding on sidewalks. Pedestrains and children often play and walk much slower which may result in a collision. Cars pull out of driveways and inch out past the sidewalk to get a better view of the road.

Often times they will not see the longboarder until they are pulled out and their front tires are on the sidewalk. One time I thought a driver saw me at the Crest Theatre, as there was nothing obstructing his view, but he pulled out and I landed on his hood.

We, the undersigned, call for action in Shoreline, Washington to permit longboards the same rights as bicyclists.

We want the right to be in bike lanes and streets that are shared with bikes. To have the same laws and limits applied as well as fines that bicyclists have. In addition to limits as deemed appropriate by the Government.

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