Local supporters of live music, our community and the economic recovery effort of Sonoma County.
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Local Sonoma County events have been reduce greatly in the recent years and we would like to help establish a yearly festival that will give to the community and everyone whom participates in the event.

Our thoughts/desire concerning this event include showcasing local talent in order to inspire collaboration and teamwork of up and coming production teams to give back to the music community and the people involved. In additional to help all those involved we would like to take a percentage of all proceeds obtained from the event and distribute it into the local economy such as the schools and social assistance programs.

We want to better our community and combining the local talent will help to bring about additional opportunities for everyone involved in the event. Whether it be new connections, new associates, additional tourism and external revenue can be brought into our local economy. This will help to assist each member involved as well as every in the local area.

The purpose of this petition is to provide a majority voice for the local Guerneville and surrounding area residents who support our economy, especially with the improvements and possibilities of additional revenue and tourism growth in our economy.

If you Live and/or work in or around Sonoma County, and Want to see a beautiful festival come in 2012 to our County, and/or 3) Are familiar with productive events and have seen the positive impact the bring to a local economy and the people. 4) Have had a good experience personally and/or with your family (children, etc), 5) and/or Feel that the positive, long term impact and revenue that can be brought to our community outweigh the understood inconveniences of traffic, and the few bad apples that can create a bad public image then We need your support!

We need to show the support of the local community in order to have approval and the ability to help generate additional revenue for our economy.

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