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City of Fairfield
United States of America

Mission Solano has filed bankruptcy leaving the property at 310 Beck Ave, Fairfield in need of a replacement Service Provider to manage servicing the needs of the homeless population of Solano County.
A coalition of local churches along with an existing. local homeless services provider (City Church/City Live In Center) have joined forces to create The Solano Dream Center, a faith-based, religious non-profit organization to provide shelter and rescue services for the homeless in Solano County.

Help us to ensure that our local, faith-based organization is selected to replace Mission Solano with our 17 years of successful experience changing the lives of this community for the better by signing the petition.

Thank you!

We, the undersigned, call on the Fairfield City Council, City Manager and Mayor to appoint Solano Dream Center a faith-based organization as "Operator" at the previous Mission Solano property located at 310 Beck Ave in Fairfield, Ca.

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