#Human Rights
Western New York Residents
United States of America

The U.S. government released a report on the human rights situation in China which can be found here; http://www.state.gov/g/drl/rls/hrrpt/2008/eap/119037.htm.

It resounds with stories of unfair trials resulting in sentences of immediate execution for "sedition", information restrictions, extrajudicial killings, imprisonment without notifying family, trafficking in people, severe worker's rights violations and many more terrible things.

This government is allowed these abuses because of the focus on trade and economic ties instead of human life and rights.

This year, a human rights report was released outlining the human rights abuses that have been rampant in China for many decades now. They have been oppressing the citizens of countries they have invaded, calling them "minorities" living in "restive areas of the People's Republic" without giving them basic rights because China perceives this as a threat to its rule.

The report has been released on a significant anniversary: 50 years ago on March 10th was the first major clash between China and the Tibetan people in the capital Lhasa since their invasion in 1950, and the Dalai Lama's flee into India to set up a government in exile. China, then, closed the country and used oppressive tactics to bring them under control.

Being a communist government, China's goods assist in funding this repression. While it would be unproductive to try and take military action to create freedom or peace within the People's Republic, one can refrain from any support of the People's Liberation Army, and the repressive government behind them.

Our purchases should match our convictions. The Jamestown Peace Group, which hold The Family Meeting at The Labyrinth Press Co., on 4th St. in Jamestown, NY, on Saturdays at 2 PM, will be circulating a petition for people to either (preferably) eliminate, or reduce (to only necessities) their purchases of products from China. Consuming has to be in line with what people consider moral action, especially where governments are concerned.

Please, if you believe in helping the community and not letting your purchases support human rights abuses that are covered up in the light of trade, contact us and sight this petition.

Jamestown Peace Group

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