#Animal Rights
Restaurants, stores and online shopping places that sell live lobsters.
United Kingdom

Have you ever been into a restaurant or stores that has live lobsters or crabs in tanks or in a tank and felt sickened and upset about the thought that these wonderful, interesting creatures will, at some point, be killed and eaten? You may have even contemplated the idea of buying one and then releasing him/her back into the sea.

However, although buying one or a few of these poor creatures may save the one/s that you pay for, you will be paying money to go to support more abuse and cruelty towards lobsters if you do this.

Lobsters, despite what you may think, are actually quite intelligent creatures. There is even one idea around that they may actually be able to escape traps.
Lobsters also have very advanced nervous systems. In fact, it has been said before that they will continue to feel pain until their nervous system has been destroyed.

The traditional way of killing a lobster, in many parts of the world, is to plunge them, alive, into boiling water. Even when they are killed quickly by electrocution, they still feel pain. They normally take just five seconds to die but, if as I have said above, lobsters have very advanced nervous systems, they could still be in quite a lot of pain for those five seconds that it takes to kill them in this way. Also, taking a life needlessly, no matter how humanely it is done, is still one more life lost tragically due to the brutality and selfishness of human beings. Violence is violence is violence.

Did you know that animal cruelty has been connected to violence against human beings? Many slaughterhouse workers have been to commit violent crimes against humans. Coincidence? I think not...

Please be compassionate towards all sentient beings, both male and female, human and non-human, big and small, living and undead, natural and supernatural, feathered, furry, scaled, hairy and/or otherwise skinned, vertebrate or invertebrate whether they live in rainforests, wetlands, forests, farms, countryside, cities, towns, villages, scrublands, tundra, savannahs, seas, oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds or mountains whenever you can. Please also be compassionate towards yourself whenever you can. Unnecessary violence must come to an end. Thank you.

We, the undersigned, demand that stores, restaurants and online shopping stores stop selling live lobsters.

If you would not sell live dogs or cats in your store, in your restaurant or on your website, why do you still sell live lobsters? Please release any live lobsters and/or crabs either into the wild or, if they would not survive in the wild, reputable sanctuaries that know and care about them or even into reputable aquariums...

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