Livingston Parish School Board
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The Livingston Parish School Board has voted to once again not honor Memorial Day for the 2014-2015 school year. They have also voted to once again allow for 1 day off for the Livingston Parish Fair and 2 days off for Mardi Gras. This is unacceptable to the Veteran's and the families of Veteran's in the Livingston Parish school district, it is disrespectful to every person who lives in the district who has lost a loved one who has served this country, it is disrespectful to every Veteran who has lost a brother or sister in arms in service of this country.

If it were not for the brave men and women who paid the ultimate price for the freedoms and liberties that we enjoy, we may not have local fairs to attend. If it weren't for those willing to give their lives for this country, we may not have the freedom to celebrate Mardi Gras at all. Memorial Day is a day to remember those who have sacrificed themselves so that we can enjoy the freedoms and the rights that we have today. To not close the schools of Livingston Parish on Memorial Day while doing so for a Parish Fair and Mardi Gras is a disrespectful act at the highest level. Is this the message that we wish to send our children? That a Parish Fair and Mardi Gras are more important than those who have given their lives for our country?

We the undersigned ask that the Livingston Parish school board revise the calendar for the 2014-2015 school year and every year here after to observe Memorial Day and close the schools in the district to observe the sacrifice of the men and women who have given their lives in service to this great country.

Some of the students who are currently attending classes in Livingston Parish and those who follow them will be part of the next generation(s) of men and women who will be honored on Memorial Day. Some of them will choose to serve, some of them will not come home, like those brave men and women who went before them. It is our duty to honor those who have fallen, it is our duty to ensure that our children know why they sacrificed.

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