Mayor Kenney, School Board President Reginald Streater, and the Philadelphia School Board
United States of America

The Mayor of Philadelphia appoints the Philadelphia School Board which, amongst other responsibilities, authorizes Philadelphia's charter schools, of which there are 83 serving 65,000 families.

In recent years, there has been a decline in transparency and charter administrators' access to the School Board, in addition to inconsistent processes and/or standards. This has resulted in inequitable treatment of schools, families, and students.

As families and supporters of Philadelphia's public charter schools, we call on you to stop your unfair policies and practices that are hurting our children and our schools. Your actions:

1. Deny families choice and access to quality schools for their children
- Restrict enrollment at charter schools
- Close charters while leaving open lower-performing district run schools which reduced options for families
- Penalize charter schools who serve more families in poverty and more students with special needs

2. Are inequitable and devastating to charter schools
- Force charters to sign “surrender clauses” that can result in closure with no due process
- Change the rules from year to year creating unpredictability and chaos
- Refuse to meet with charter parents and leaders even when making decisions that directly impact those families and schools

We are asking you to please work with us - Philadelphia Charters for Excellence - to stop the inequitable practices that are jeopardizing the education of 65,000 children who attend Philadelphia’s 83 public charter schools.

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