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In the 2010 election year, our family has personally received an average of 5 pieces of junk mail per day supporting or attacking candidates for local and national offices.

Along with this, we receive an average of 3-5 phone calls from various groups, some pre-recorded, and most during our dinner hour or after our children are in bed.

Finally, during a one hour period of television in the afternoon, I personally counted 12 political ads, each 30 seconds or longer. Money is frivolously spent by these candidates and groups to attempt to win votes. Such advertisements are a waste of time, money and precious resources (such as paper).

Many with whom I've discussed my concerns with are discouraged from voting for anyone because the lead up to elections is so out of control.

We the undersigned hereby ask the legislatures of the State of Washington and the United States of America to limit the amount of time and resources used by candidates for local and national races to no more than:

12 mailings per candidate per year;

2 telephone solicitations per month per candidate in an election year. These calls must be performed by a live person and may only occur between the hours of 10AM and 6PM local time; and

Television advertisements be limited to no more than 30 seconds and shown a maximum of twice a day, no more than 4 months in advance of a local or national election.

These apply to both candidates and any groups or committees that may support or attack said candidate.

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