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On July 27th 2009, it was officially announced that Madonna's definitive greatest hits collection "Celebration" was getting a September 28/29 release date. Us fan's were excited. Also on that date, it was announced the compilation was a 2-disc set, including a 2-disc DVD, and 2 new tracks, plus the beautiful, iconic CD cover was premiered, us fans pissed our selves.

In between that time and now, there has been sooo much excitement. There was even more when the tracklist was announced on August 15th through the very reliable MadonnaTribe fansite. At that time, everything was fine, us fans could not be any happier. But then two days later, it was revealed what versions of the songs would be used, and all hell broke loose.

To get to the point, the very beloved "Like a Prayer" was going to be using the dreadful "Immaculate Collection" remix. This is a big no no. The album/single version is iconic. This is the version that is played on radio, and the one that everyone has loved. The remix is missing the meaning and power that the album version has.

We, the undersigned, call on Warner Brothers Records to refrain from including the "Immaculate Collection" remix of "Like a Prayer."

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