#Human Rights
The Government
United Kingdom

From 1st July 2007 the government has declared that smoking in enclosed spaces is now illegal and that the guilty party will have to pay £50 and the proprietor of a pub will have to pay £2500 and court costs. The no smoking areas forced upon smokers are as follows:

Bus Stops
Work Vehicles
Phone Boxes
Pizza Parlours
Kebab Shops
Your Own Home (when workmen are about doing work)
Your own private registered vehicle

The place where you can smoke however is the pub in Westminster where the government have allowed themselves to smoke.

If you feel the government has removed your rights to smoke where you wish then please feel free to sign this petition. We currently need 12,000,000 signatures

We, the undersigned, ask the Government to re-think its smoking ban and axe the smoking ban with immediate effect.

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