#Animal Rights
The Gold Coast City Council, Qld Premier

Discrimination is a Matter Of Life and Death to a Dog!!

Pitbulls have been Falsly accused of being a dangerous dog. Statistics and evidence is lacking to confirm that they are, There are so many Unsung hero's (apbt's) out there that fail to get a mention in the media, Most dog attacks that have happened have been cross breed dogs! It is not fair to Outlaw a specific breed of dog.

There is no such thing as a bad breed of dog, But a bad dog in EVERY breed! Owners should be punished for irresponsable ownersip! Not the dogs. Please help lift this ban and save innocent dogs lives! They dont have a voice But we do! every animal deserves a Fair life who are we to say they Cant!

If you agree for the right to life ten please sign my petition.

We the Undersigned Call on the state of Queensland to end Breed specific Legislation in Queensland.

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