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United kingdom

Any dog can become aggressive with the wrong handling
and has been trained to be aggressive. any other breed of
dog that attacks a person gets put to sleep but pitbulls are
put to sleep as puppies just because of their breed. With
the right training and care they can be very friendly and
loyal family pets just like any other well trained dog. I
believe the ban on keeping these dogs should be lifted and
anyone selling or rehoming these dogs need to make sure
they are going to the right people. Any dog showing any
signs of aggression should be in a muzzle. German
shepherds, dobermans, rotties and staffies have all been
given bad press in the past but we have given them a
chance and they are all still here so why not give pitbulls a

We the undersigned believe the ban on pitbulls should be
lifted even if under conditions such as being kept in a muzzle
in public, owner must not have a record, owner must be
licensed and insured and if and when possible owners should
be surveyed by the police and or rspca. Anyone selling a
puppy must give the new owners contact details of their local
dog trainer.

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