#Children's Rights
Senator Mary-Jane Garcia and the community of Las Cruces, New Mexico

The story of Baby Brianna is a hard one, but it is the ugly reality of child abuse. Violent family members caused her death while others hid what they knew was going on.

"They raped her; they beat her," said District Attorney Susana Martinez who prosecuted the case. "She had bite marks on her face, cheek, head, arms, legs, chest, torso, everywhere.

"Literally bruised from head to toe, from the top of her head all throughout her body all the way to the big toe on her right foot."

She was beaten and raped by her own family.

"Massive bruising on the head, and then her little fingers were lacerated. Her mother Stephanie Lopez only received 27 years for the death of her own daughter! They say she is living a great life behind bars with family keeping her lots of money in her account and having a great girlfriend that she gets to be with daily! Why should she get to live any kind of life while Brianna does not have one. She will still be young when she gets out and I think she should be behind bars and have nothing for the rest of her life just like Brianna had nothing in her 5 short months of life!

We the undersigned call on the Third Judicial District Attorney Susana Martinez, Senator Mary-Jane Garcia and the community of Las Cruces, Dona Ana County, New Mexico to petition the sentence given to Stephanie Lopez in the death of her daughter Brianna Lopez.

We the people have the right to stand up for the child that could not and state that we think she deserves life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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