#Law & Order
The Prime Minister 10 Downing Street
United Kingdom

June 14, 2006

For too long now there have been a steady stream of reports in the media of Rapists, Murderers and Paedophiles most have which already have several prior convictions for similar offences being given either;

(a) Deeply inadaquate sentences, or

(b) Being released back into society way before serving anywhere near their original prison sentence by J.P's that took an oath to protect us from those very people.

How can our powers that be allow this to go on any longer?

We, the undersigned, want the Criminal Justice Act (2003) to be amended so that the 3 most serious crimes we face in society (Rape, Murder and Paedophilia) be punishable after conviction by jury with a mandatory Life meaning Life sentence with No parole, No remission and No minimum tariff.

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