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Shasta County has only one LGBTQ+ support and resource center. The center that is currently available is small with a limited amount of resources. Out of the three groups they offer, only one is for teenagers and youth. The meetings are only once a week, too. It's been shown in studies, one conducted by Thomas Carlyle, that consistency can help create a healthier mindset. LGBTQ+ teens would benefit greatly from a resource center that they can go to more than once a week, along with a number to call or text if they are in need. It is the job of our government and county officials to provide the necessary funding and resources for our youth. Our youth center will have a 24/7 support and resource hotline. Not only will people be able to call this hotline, they will be able to text as well. We recognize that some teens are in situations where calling a hotline is unavailable. This is why we will have other options. We will have a location open to public youth. This will consist of multiple support groups, along with opportunities to have fun and socialize with people in similar situations.

We, the members of Shasta County, would like funding for an LGBTQ+ youth support and resource center. We would like for this funding to come in small amounts monthly, however the first payment being larger than the rest (in order to pay for a building). We call on our county officials to provide the means necessary for the LGBTQ+ youth in Shasta County.

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