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To Divergent Producers so that they dont kill tris in the third divergent movie

Veronica Roth offered us one of the best books ever, the divergent series, which has been loved by all kind of people all over the world!

She gave us an interesting and original story which is all about love,being brave, being intelligent, being selfless, friendship, being kind, family and fighting for our beliefs. She gave us the most perfect characters ever, tris prior and tobias eaton aka four, with whom we fell inlove during the books, and to make it even better, she made the best couple in the cinema history!

All we divergent fans over the world fell in love with fourtris, tobias, but the best character by far was tris! she was the definition of how people should be! We loved her more and more through every page of the book we read, and then , at the chapter 50 of allegrient, when I was like ''and now everything is gonna end and tris will marry tobias and have the cutest family ever'' like thousands of other fangirls, the worst thing happens. Tris, our beloved tris, dies, just like that she dies.

I can tell you that at that moment a million divergent fans all over the world were crying , because tris wasnt just a character from a novel. She was way more. My love for her cannot be expressed in worlds. So the reason i am making this petition is to tell divergents producers not to kill tris in the third movie, because billion of fans will be dissapointed and the movie wont sell a lot. this is all I had to say.

I'm making this petition to save our beloved Tris Prior! She may died in ''allegrient'' , the last book of the divergent trilogy, and there was nothing we could do for it. But we can now!

By signing this petition, we will show hollywood producers that we want tris to live, so the fans can be satisfied! I know that this will change the film from the book, but who doesnt want to see tris live, built a new life in chicago city and have a family of her own? This is all i have to say, so if you love tris as much as I do, it will cost you nothing to sign this petition!

Let's save tris!

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