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Corporal punishment can lead to an obsessive disciplinary pattern of child abuse occurring any place on the child's body on a day to day basis—possibly leading to bodily injury, or even death to the child. Relatively speaking, meaning the abuse is repetitive and out of control to the point of leading to an unbearable amount of ongoing tremendous pain—while causing serious permanent physical harm to the child.

Children facing this type of physical abuse, will eventually have a rebellious outlook on life through-out their adolescent years, therefore they will possibly need counseling. Some could also benefit from anger management classes to have a chance at living a healthy lifestyle, and also to focus on their education with hope for a successful future. Several teenagers run to the streets —to live a life with drugs and alcohol abuse; and some are a victim of child pornography and human trafficking as a result of being homeless.

These are the types of abused children that the legal system would recommend to be placed with a loving and reliable family member—or in a safe environment such as a foster care home or into a shelter. In several court cases in relation to a minor—the parent is state ordered to complete an in-patient rehabilitation with several stipulations as well.

Though not every parent has the opportunity to complete a rehabilitation program within the court system, as ordered by a judge—an aftercare program would usually be stipulated in the service plan, or recommended as well. A judge of the superior court would sometimes demand supervised visitation for the best interest of the child, whether or not the parent is placed in a rehabilitation or in state custody. Anger management classes are also sometimes court ordered—while the inmate is in the prison system.

Other unfortunate children are placed in the intensive care unit at the hospital for more severe injuries, from the physical abuse that has gotten out of control. Most parents arrested for committing this type of crime, in reference to child abuse—are sentenced to a federal state penitentiary.

In some cases, parents are a possible candidate for in-patient mental health services as they are incompetent to properly care for themselves or the child, and to make the right decisions concerning discipline to where they go out of control and become abusive. The parent tends to get obsessively repetitive when their reasoning is out of bounds.

Occasionally, the parent is a victim in the situation because they are present at the time the abusive incident happened by someone else in the home, and they were incapable of protecting the child. Depending on the circumstances, both parents are usually arrested and found guilty of the crime— after it is too late to protect the child from bodily harm, or even death.

Generally speaking, some parents really need to be placed in an in-patient rehabilitation program of which include drug and alcohol classes with testing, nutrition wellness, classes that teach couples how to have a healthy relationship, parenting classes and counseling services—before child abuse or neglect did happen as a result of drugs and alcohol before the situation did get out of hand.

Child abuse awareness should be taken seriously. Children are defenseless without any voice—in my opinion. Child protective agencies consider discipline techniques according to the legal system by law only. It is out of their hands until society comes forward and takes a stand for children's rights—by eliminating corporal punishment to any minor in the home.

Children are innocent victims and cannot stand up for themselves. There is a difference between discipline and child abuse where parenting is concerned. Discipline means to educate, teach, instruct, and to get the child's cooperation in the way of reasoning, restriction, and to guide them to learn right from wrong without the use of physical violence, of which is in my opinion—child abuse.

Children are defenseless without any voice. It is legal to use corporal punishment in several of the United States of America. The problem is that it is very common for parents to use objects such as belts, whips, etc. of which cause bruises, welts, and infection from lacerations. The parent could possibly aim badly by missing the buttocks and injure a kidney, rib, thigh, or personal part of the body on accident.

Thank you for standing up for children nationwide

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