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I help run a football forum www.heidthebaw.co.uk and we have been discussing St Patrick's Day and lamenting the fact we don't have an equivalent in Scotland.

It is felt that both the govt and the scots themselves don't do enough to promote such an event. It is not like us to miss an excuse to party, so I created this petition to try and get the ball rolling.

The idea of a day of celebrating Scotland, it's heritage and being scots, across the world seems right up our street. It is time the Scottish government got behind an official St Andrews Scotland Day.

I'm not calling for a public holiday so business will only benefit from such an event, as well as the publicity and tourism it would generate.

Scotland will be in the public eye soon with the Commonwealth games, so lets get started on making this event happen.

We, the undersigned, call on the Scottish government and the Scottish people to support a proper celebration of Scotland on St Andrew's Day.

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