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What is the reasoning behind Taking inactive Atlas teams and purging them? Ppl gripe about Snipers. Oh poo. These low lvl teams are given a Atlas team and A Access castle, they are unaware that they are just pawns for the bigger teams. Let’s use Ppl and make them think they hit the jackpot because they have a Atkas team and castle. Let’s deceive war dragons players that are waiting for Atlas and may have been playing the game for awhile. Meat Shield Teams. Ppl cry equality and fairness. What is deemed a inactive Atlas team? And now if a silver prim is garbage now. You kill 15k off Bronze Prim 15k off Silver Prims 15k off Castle Guards? Is that why the prim rate was reduced?
Let’s be fair ppl cry and whine about snipers. They have Campers in Call if duty etc. That’s how they chose to play the game. The people that are the biggest whiners are the ones that do this. War Dragons Condone Screwing their players that spend money? Let’s be Fair about it. How is deceiving someone ok but snipers aren’t.
And now you can take 15k from Bronze Prim 15k from Silver and 15k from Castle Guards. All is gonna happen is the ppl that play Atlas will stop playing because the Silver isn’t shit And the cost to lvl a silver is getting so expensive. Silver 2 prim almost 18mil.

Games are to compete. I have an Idea Every team gets a castle or Take all castles awY and that will remedy snipers. Let’s be fair. Atlas is A strategy war game. Snipers are used in war and a strategy is formed. If you don’t want your loaded prim hit don’t put it on a Access castle. That’s what some use Safe zones for.

Snipers are in real war and Strategy. Atlas is a Strategy game. Why not give every one a weapon even the Ppl that are harming innocent ppl. Equality is for people that can’t make a sound decision or they lack the Ability to form a Strategy because they just wanna go and kill/Fight. You play the way you want. Your taking away the ability to decide how you wanna play your game.

Let’s get this one 1k+. Let’s keep War Dragons a Action/Strategy game.


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