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Hello, thank you for clicking the link I probably left on your dms or ask box. So, I'm a brazilian fan of the girl group Fifth Harmony and I had lost any hope I had of seeing them live until they said there were going to be more tour dates and I got excited again because I knew I would be travelling to the USA in november.

Except they didn't announce any date in Miami which doesn't make sense because not one, but TWO members of the group are from there.

So this petition is to prove to them that we want them back in Miami in the end of November (because that's when I'm going, I'm sorry if this is selfish).

Even if you aren't from Miami, help a fan who lives far (far, far, far) away to meet their idols? I would love you forever..

We, the undersigned, call on Fifth Harmony to announce date(s) in Miami (home of two members) between the 20th and 25th of November.

Not only are there a lot of harmonizers, but everyone noticed how emotional Lauren and Camila got when the other show happened (which kind of makes me want to request dates in Texas too), and we'd love to have the girls back in their hometown.

Please hear us out and help us!

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