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EQUALITY vodka is so much more than just another award winning, gold medal wearing* ultra-premium vodka. We are a social movement that just so happens to be in an amazing bottle of vodka.

We are an independently owned company with a big agenda- Equality for all. We donate a portion of sales from every bottle we sell to LGBT organizations championing equality.

As founders of EQUALITY vodka and allies to the LGBT community we believe in making a difference and we are determined to make a change. We are inviting you to join us. The more we sell the more we donate, and that donation happens by you asking for and purchasing EQUALITY vodka.

The sale of liquor is highly regulated. In order for us to spread our message and vodka to your state we need you the consumer to demand EQUALITY vodka. ASK for us from your liquor distributors, stores, bars, restaurants and anywhere you would want to buy and enjoy EQUALITY vodka. WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU.

It really is that simple, you can make a difference. One by one we can all make a difference and enjoy a great cocktail at the same time. Drink up, speak out, purchase responsibly and together we will create a better world for all. We are the ultimate in cocktailing for a cause.

Bert & Doug
(2016 Gold Medal Winner- San Francisco World Spirits Competition)

We Are Equality from Equality Vodka on Vimeo

I AM 21+ and want to enjoy the taste of EQUALITY vodka in my state.

I want to raise a glass and tip a bottle of EQUALITY vodka to make a difference for the LGBT community. By signing this petition I want EQUALITY at the places I enjoy purchasing vodka.

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