Hello, I have a friend who lives in Belgium and is greatly suffering from a law she cannot change on her own, many of those who live in Belgium may also be suffering from the same fate. She currently has a child with a man she is no longer with and is forced to share custody with this man. But this man is no ordinary man, he has admitted to raping a girl, has had child pornography on his computer, relations with young children even the age of 11, and has done other disgusting acts. The court of course ruled that he still gets to see his child because of the 50/50 law, however to me and i am certain many others this is outrageous. How could u let a child go home with a CHILD MOLESTER, what right mind could u possibly have to approve this. And at this point it seems they wont even put him in jail, saying he just needs some counseling. Why is this guy not in jail already. Why is the laws in Belgium not humane. This is wrong and i want to fight this for my friend and everyone suffering from this insanity.

Please sign this petition to help in the fight against the 50/50 child custody laws. We want to better this world, don't let criminals hurt these kids.

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