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In the State of California, Governor Jerry Brown signed the Pet Rescue and Adoption Act (Assembly Bill 485). This landmark law requires that all dogs, cats and rabbits sold in pet stores in the state of California must now come directly from shelters and nonprofit rescues, instead of breeders or notoriously cruel puppy mills, making it illegal for any of those animals sold to would-be pet owners to come from anywhere but a rescue or shelter.

The law has two primary goals. One is to cut down on financial support of large-scale breeding facilities, some of which keep animals in deplorable conditions. Those so-called “puppy mills” (though they also exist for other species) often supply pet stores. The Humane Society of the United States notes that responsible breeders who care about their animals want to make sure they go to good homes, meaning they typically won’t sell them through a store that wouldn’t allow them to meet potential owners.

Secondly, the law aims to promote the adoption of homeless pets. The ASPCA estimates that 1.5 million companion animals were euthanized in shelters across the country last year. Assemblyman Patrick O’Donnell (D-Long Beach) said in a statement that in California alone, taxpayers spend more than $250 million each year “to house and euthanize animals” in shelters.

It is my sincere hope that other lawmakers will recognize the importance of this bill and follow the lead of Governor Jerry Brown. We need to enact this landmark bill state-wide.

As you are already aware, puppy mills are overcrowded, unsanitary, commercial mass-breeding facilities. Although the Federal Animal Welfare Act is in place to regulate and inspect breeding facilities, the standards set by law are extremely minimal. These perfectly legal, yet appallingly inhumane conditions have inspired 33 cities and counties in California to ban the retail sale of puppy mill dogs and cats in their local pet stores. Enacting AB 485 state-wide will require pet stores to obtain their animals from shelters and rescues, in turn giving homeless animals the second chances they all deserve.

This will not only be a major victory for animals, but it will also alleviate pressure on county budgets and taxpayers. This is an outrage, and quite frankly, has been going on for far too long! It is vital that you contact your States Governor, and urge him or her to pass AB 485!

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