World Rugby

The NFL in america promised the Spongebob sweet victory episode song in this years halftime but they didn't provide it so once again a big corporation thought they could play with all the Spongebob fans hearts that Spongebob managed to so i would love if all you goofy goobers and bubble blowing Spongebob fans would join together and help bring the man who brought joy to our hearts Stephen Hillenburg justice by having him been presented at the Rugby World cup of 2019

World Rugby and the Japan Rugby Football union (and all the other Rugby union teams around the globe) i would like to on behalf of all Spongebob fans ask that you correct the mistake of the American NFL corporation and play the song and clip of Spongebobs sweet victory in order to give the man the myth the legend Stephen Hillenburg one last send off so please don't let us the Spongebob fans down we're counting on you.

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The Let's Bring Spongebob Sweet Victory to 2019 Rugby World Cup Cause the NFL couldn't petition to World Rugby was written by Peter Morris and is in the category Justice at GoPetition.