75th District Republican Leadership
United States of America

The 75th District State Rep is quitting. Local Republicans have a history of back room deals that result in the appointment of a Rep. by Springfield power-brokers without even a vote by the people. These Springfield power-brokers keep ramming their selections down our throats. Stop this abuse of power!

There is an election only a few months away. We want to pick our own Rep!

We The People demand the right to Elect Our Rep!

Urge the Republican power-brokers to back off and Let the People Decide. Leave this seat vacant until the General Election.

We The a People call on the 75th District Republican organization, and Springfield power-brokers, to refrain from appointing a State Rep to fill any vacancy in office until after the November election. Do not appoint a replacement Rep.

Let the People elect our representative as the Illinois Constitution requires.

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