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The Cougar Board is not allowing Tanner or Jared Monroe to play Cougar football in the upcoming 2008 season. The board is refusing to abide by a signed letter from the Monroe Parents.

The parents have agreed to the boards terms, they will not coach or be team mom, they will not send mass emails if boys are allowed to play, and they have already sent out a mass apology as requested by the board. However, the board refused to honor the letter.

The Cougar organization is a public youth sport program and needs to honor the right of kids to play football. Censor the parents not the kids!!!

Please help get the boys back in the Cougar program. Please stand together in unity and let the board know we will not accept children being kicked out of our program.

We, the undersigned, call on the members of the Castaic/Stevenson Ranch Cougars to request the current board allow Tanner and Jared Monroe to play football in the upcoming 2008 season.

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