North Callaway School Board Members
United States of America

Trenton Sorell had gotten into some trouble this summer. No one was hurt by his actions. He is a juvenile and he made a stupid mistake. Trenton is paying for his mistake by community service and probation.

The School Board has voted not to let him participate in football this upcoming season. Our problem is that policy has not been followed the past four years when situations like this occur. We feel that Trenton is being made an example of in this matter.

Football is his life and he keeps his grades up to play. By taking away football, they are taking away his education. Should there be a one strike and your out law for this school, or should these juveniles get a second chance and learn from their mistakes?

We, the undersigned, call on the North Callaway School Board to reinstate Trenton Sorell to the football program.

We, the undersigned, would like a policy in place to have students who make bad decisions to be able to have their punishment set by the coach on their first offense, and then sent to the board if any other subsuquent offenses occur.

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