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In order to Capitilize the success of the "Sonic X" TV series and the upcoming "Sonic Heroes". They should have no problem selling the Sonic franchise to a Hollywood Movie studio when it buys the rights to it to give Sonic the Hollywood Treatment and make a live action/Cgi feature film with Dr. Eggman in live action and make Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Cream and Cheese to be Cgi animated. I think it would be a box office hit in order to blow that now tanked Tomb Raider sequel out of the water!

I'd tell you Sonic gonna get the movie deal he most richily deserves and trust me it will not be like the 1993 Super Mario Brothers movie!

Sign this petition to have Sega make a live action/Cgi feature Film version of the "Sonic the Hegehog" franchise and bring Sonic and his friends on the big Screen in order to Capitilize the succes on "Sonic X" and "Sonic Heroes"

Sign here to give Sega a chance to let a movie studio buy the rights to the sonic franchise and make a live action/Cgi feature film.

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