Andrew Scipione (Police Commissioner)

Recently NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione, Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy and Assistant Commissioner Paul Carey have decided that Australian Police Officers should have a standard when it comes to visible tattoos, that is, they should be covered up. Also talks that new cadets with visible tattoos may be rejected!

By doing this, our country may miss out on many great officers, all because they chose to express themselves by getting a tattoo. This is a crazy reason to reject someone from the force!

Cops are people too, and I believe by having tattoos and expressing themselves artistically it makes them more human and more approachable. Their right to be themselves is being taken away.

We, the undersigned, call on the New South Wales Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione and Assistant Commissioners Michael Corboy and Paul Carey, to allow our current Police Officers and new Cadet Police Officers to not be discriminated against for having visible tattoos and those that do, not being forced to cover them up while on duty.

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The Let Our Officers Express Themselves petition to Andrew Scipione (Police Commissioner) was written by Jacelyn Partridge and is in the category Government at GoPetition.