#Children's Rights

Hello people I need your help with this petition to let my mom get me a dog! I’ve been trying for 10 years and now I am 14 and I can have a lot of responsibility so please sign this! And I’m going to thank everyone who signs this petition with the bottom of my heart because I know we can get 100 people so y’all do your best and thanks! I’ve sent my mom a 7 paragraph text to let me have a dog and I’ve worked very hard on that and I need a dog! I don’t want to be left out with not having a dog. And if you can try to get more than 100. Because my mother is very strict, she wouldn’t let me have an ant. Yes I’ve asked for a ant now please help.

We the undersigned, call in Shannon Hill to let Madison have a dog and to not let this 14 year old suffer from not being able to have this pet she has wished for her whole life.

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