Mrs. Carson, Principal
United States of America

Mrs. Raiford has respectfully requested to move "up" to the second grade with the class she currently has. Her request was denied, and she is very upset about the matter. The letter below was written by one of her students, Zoe Hartley. The letter certainly captures the mood and feelings of Mrs. Raiford's students, their parents, families, and other supporters.

Mrs. Raiford is a great teacher. She teaches us math like subtraction and addition. She teaches us how to count money like pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and half dollars. She does fun activities and she lets us read and write stories. We do reports on animals. We do narrative writing and functional writing. She is nice and caring and helps us a lot. I think she would be a be able to help more if she moved with us to the second grade.

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