#Civil Rights
Minister for Immigration, The Hon David Coleman, PO Box 6022, Canberra ACT 2600

Tommy Robinson spectacularly avoided going back to jail on the 23rd of October, in what can only be described as a full and embarrassing backflip by the UK establishment. Now we want Tommy and his comedian mate, Gavin McInnes, to tour Down Under.

But right on cue, the perpetually outraged Left are trying everything to ensure this doesn't happen. In their usual fashion, left-wing groups are spreading lies and misinformation about these two men - saying that Gavin has incited violence and Tommy is a racist.

But the leftist fear-mongering is just a tactic to shut down voices with whom they disagree. In response to these lies, a petition has been launched, asking that Peter Dutton (sic) ban Gavin McInnes from entering Australia. It has already reached over 30,000 signatures!

Tommy has been persecuted for being an outspoken critic of Islam and it's time we take a stand for free speech in Australia.

The tour is planned for early December. Tickets* and more info can be found on the website above.

**if a visa is not granted, organisers will refund tickets.

Please SIGN & SHARE this petition to ensure Tommy and Gavin are let in.

The Hon David Coleman, Minister for Immigration
cc: The Hon Peter Dutton, Minister for Home Affairs
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Dear Minister Coleman,
We the undersigned citizens of Australia and supporters of freedom of speech hereby petition you to issue visitor visas to Mr Gavin Miles McInnes and Mr Stephen Yaxley-Lennon aka Tommy Robinson for their Australian speaking tour in December 2018.

Freedom of Speech is an unconditional basic human right, as manifested in Article 19 of the United Nations's Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Commonwealth of Australia, is a signatory nation to this foundational UN Declaration. The Australian government must not deny Australians the right to peacefully assemble and hear what these two speakers and human rights activists from the United Kingdom and Canada have to say.

Primary Petitioner:
Avi Yemini c/o ALA Ltd
PO Box 290, South Melbourne, Victoria 3205

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