Fairlawn Local Schools School Bored
United States of America

For an example Sidny Schools were falling through so we got some of there athletes... An I think they should still have a chance to play. We don't have to buy a new stadium all we need is some lines and a couple of field goal posts and we can use the new soccer field.. All we need is your help..

Dear people of the community I present you this today to help my fellow class mates get football for are school Fairlawn..

We are getting all these other people from schools that can play because there school is having some problems right now and I think they should still have a chance to play Football. Our school doesn't have it but with your help I would like to change that. Me personally I went to a different school so I could play football. And that's what is happening I am losing friends to other schools so they can play. An if you could help me i don't have to have the felling of losing a friend anymore so they can stay and we can all enjoy the sport together in are school Fairlawn.. So please could you sign this to help out a young man with a dream...

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