#Civil Rights
U.S. Department of Defense
United States of America

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires all major businesses and corporations to hire people with disabilities. This applies to most government agencies as well, with one glaring exception—the U.S. military, which is not required to comply with the ADA.

Currently if you are wounded in combat, or for that matter, on the job on any military base while serving, the only way you can remain in the military is if you heal completely from your wounds and can continue to do the job you were trained to do. There are a few soldiers who were disabled in combat who are still serving, but the numbers are few and those lucky ones were chosen on a case by case basis. We’d like to see a policy change that will insure a path of rehabilitation and retraining, if necessary, for some wounded and disabled soldiers, so many of them can still have a chance at a military career and a life of dignity.

It is our belief that, once implemented, this policy change will eventually lead to a decrease of Veteran suicides, an increase in the morale among soldiers who become disabled, and add important diversity to the military that at this time is lacking in most places.

We, the undersigned, call on the U.S. Government and Department of Defense to end the current policy of unintentional discrimination against all soldiers with disabilities.

Since the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990, and the more recent incredible advances in technology, there is absolutely no rational reason why the military couldn’t allow intelligent, enthusiastic and responsible soldiers with disabilities, to remain in the military, and have an opportunity to serve our country.

It is our belief that, once implemented, this policy change will lead to a decrease of Veteran suicides and increase the morale among soldiers who become disabled.

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