#Law & Order
The QuakeNet Internet Relay Chat Network

Over the coarse of the last six years, I have been the victim of entirely unprovoked displays of abuse (viz. so-called Internet Relay Chat Channel Host Mask Ban List Additions) as well as highly aloof, unsocial and rude behaviour (viz. name calling wrt. to me being African-American).

Taking into account the upcoming presidential elections on #idlers_anonymous, I seek this opportunity for restructuring the administrative hierarchy; the details of which are as follows in the petition body.

- I cordially demand that my present bans be immediately lifted from the Internet Relay Chat Channel #idlers_anonymous

- I cordially demand smash and anybody in favour of his terror regime be subject to questioning, evaluation and a test of fitness wrt. administrating the aforementioned channel

- I furthermore demand that I be allowed to partake in the upcoming presidential election as a candidate for the mandate

- I finally demand, that the disinformation campaign against me, as well as personal insults and abuse which seem to be zealously conducted in a rather industrial manner be put to an end immediately.

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