#Law Reform
US Government / WV government
United States of America

For thousands of years people have been using Marijuana in all kinds of stuff. Everything from food to medicines to textiles. It has been a part of the world for as long as the world has been. George Washington grew it as well as most of the first settlers.

Henry Ford invented a car made out of hemp, that ran on hemp ethanol. A renewable fuel, that does less damage to the environment in the making and will not kill the planet if spilled.

We, the undersigned, want to legalize marijuana to help the sick of the world. We want to legalize it, so people can get relief from pain and suffering.

People who use marijuana for medical purposes do not have to worry about getting addicted or nasty side effects like the new treatments offer. If legal, our court system would be cut back by almost half. Which would reduce the amount of taxes paid to the courts and we'd be able to hold the really "bad" people in prison for longer.

Stand up, fight for your right to smoke marijuana people! For if you don't, you will never have the right to smoke!

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